a·bil·i·ty (noun)  plural a·bil·i·ties.

  • power or capacity to do or act
  • competence because of one’s skill, training, passion, intent
  • talents; strength;

Thoughts, collections and ideas about our potential and personal power to create and develop. There are things about leadership, program development, collaboration, and goals.

Dr. Rich Whitney has been working with and studying leadership for more than 20 years. He earned a Ph.D. in Counseling and Educational Psychology from the University of Nevada and he has most recently been teaching college student development, leadership, personal development, brain-based learning, and collaboration. Rich’s background includes working in financial services, sales and marketing, non-profit organizations, strategic planning, program development, and higher education.

As a certified coach with the Life Mastery Institute he serves as a coach, speaker, trainer, facilitator, and teacher for presentations and keynotes including:

– Purpose and Vision Workshops

– Vision Statements:  Personal & Group

– Deciding to lead

– Discovering leadership

– Emergenetics© – Brain Based thinking, behaving, and learning

P.S. Want support in discovering and building your dreams?

In between my coaching and speaking schedule, I carve out a few strategy sessions each month.  If you would like a complimentary strategy session (Value = $250), simply contact me here richw7424@gmail.com

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