Why raw ability?

When I decided to start blogging I had to think of a name that would allow me a little flexibility to think, write, publish, and put myself out into the universe. I also wanted a space that was true to how I thought about my ability and what I think WE all bring to the table.  Yes that proverbial table that doesn’t really exist, but at the same time is a metaphor for so many aspects of our lives – the board table, the conference table, sharing ideas over a meal-table, in a meeting, the classroom table, our kitchen table…in short the metaphorical table of sharing ideas The meta table.

My raw ability

I have some thoughts and things to share.  I think about theory and practice.  I think about the interplay between perfect practice and the theoretical.  One of my strengths is connecting the seemingly unconnected in ways that I think they make sense.  Often times they do make sense, sometimes in the immediate as they leave my mouth or fingers, and sometimes after a bit, more thinking.  One overall name for my blog posts was – I was just sittin here frettin’.  Which maybe a cool post at some point, but it is a little constricting for a whole theme.  It seems rather angstie (is that a word? probably not) as well.  Angst isn’t raw.  Angst is drama. Drama is probably what interrupts action, power, talent, or strengths.

I think.  I am analytical.  I am conceptual.  I am social.  I collect.  I connect.  So, my raw ability connects to my strengths – Strategic, Learner, Input, Context, Intellection, and Ideation.  I like to see where they came from and how they evolve.  The order, pattern, or connections within the chaos of life, sometimes it takes some time to notice.

Others raw abilities

We all have strengths, leadership, thoughts, ideas, and contributions to share at this table.  At times how the group (however that group is constituted) thinks and works together may seem to be at odds with each other.  I think, in general, when people come together they are really trying to propose ideas and suggestions that contribute to making the group better.  That is transformational leadership.  The challenge of working as a team or as a unit for a common purpose for the sake of collaboration can sometimes seem messy.  Periodically different thinking seems to be at odds and may contribute to the storming part of group dynamics.  However, it doesn’t dismiss the ability of any, or all, of the people working together.

So this means

Ability connects directly to our personal power and the capacity to do what we intend.   Raw ability is the culmination of the gifts we all have and bring to the table.  Raw ability is about the mix of talents in an organization, leader group, business setting, or team.  The feedback we get from others in these groups contributes to a better understanding of our own raw talents.  This will be refined and presented later in life, at the next table; it is the cumulative effect of which we are… a personal evolution, maybe a personal revolution (depending on the feedback of course).

What are your raw abilities?  What do you bring to the table?

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